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The Alter-Ego Persona Poem: A Workshop at Brooklyn Public Library

I will be leading a FREE poetry workshop for the public at the Brooklyn Public Library as a part of their Walt Whitman 200 year series of events. You can register through the library website.

Description of Workshop: Batman and Bruce Wayne. Drake and Aubrey Graham. Walt Whitman and Walt Whitman. The alter-ego might be that person that exists in us, with superhuman strength, star power, and bravery. Or it could be our shadow selves, a different, darker entity within us. In this workshop we will examine the use of alter-egos and persona in poetry, and explore what it means to access that alter-ego through poetry. We will cross-examine the use of the "I" speaker in poems, attempt to craft our own poems based on our alter-egos, and expand our understanding of Persona poems.